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2017 - Present


I specialize in narrative video editing with a focus on films. I work best with DaVinci Resolve as it leans in to some of my coloring skills. I have been the lead editor of dozens of short films and I also have experience as a video editor on a corporate, international scale with Apple's marketing team for the ALAC + Canada regions. My experience ranges from working on single narrative projects to overseeing hundreds of marketing videos with a large corporate team of editors. 

2019 - Present


Coloring is the aspect of editing that I most enjoy and am most proficient in.  

Specializing in films, in my coloring I attempt to capture themes and styles that not only add to the visual aspect of the story but also tell its own story in parallel. 

It's the part of editing that is most recognized by audiences and that is why I always aim to make it the most unforgettable aspect of any project I am a part of.

Having been trained by an industry working colorist, I have developed my skills across a dozen short films and documentaries over the years. 

2018 - Present

Production Assistant + Crew

Possessing a "Jack of All Trades" skill set, I have worked on several film sets as a variety of positions. Positions range from 1st AD to Grip/ Electric. My strongest asset on a set is my ability to communicate and gel the creative ideas of the entire team without losing time or quality to the project. I have a strong understanding of all the different functions on a set and have the experience to fill in roles in any department including leadership positions within those departments. I have experience working with crews ranging from small indie short films to large productions with established director Michael Grossman.


2017- 2021

University of Houston |
B.A in Media Production

Graduating Jack J. Valenti's School of Communication with Suma Cum Laude honors, in Media Productions with a focus in film. Through my education at UH I developed skills that also extended to live television broadcasting as well as screenwriting. I was also able to have the opportunity of directly shadowing and learn from Michael Grossman in the ways of an experienced Director.

& Expertise

  • Proficient in most video editing software, prefer DaVinci Resolve.

  • Leading and delegating tasks across large teams with maximum efficiency.

  • Voice Over Actor with specialty in narrative projects.

  • Strong understanding and skills within a film production set across all the different functions of a production.

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