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Captain's Log #002

No Victory is Too Small

"What is an ocean but a multitude of drops." — David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

It has been almost three weeks since I published this website and began documenting my journey in a public forum. Time is flying by it seems faster with every minute. Even so, much progress has been made and I felt it important to share some of the take aways I learned from these last couple of weeks.

Cooke Optic lenses from a workshop I participated in.

Learning Skills and Making Friends:

Before starting this blog, I kept a weekly journal where I would try to document my thoughts and set myself goals to keep track on and work towards. Before that, it was very difficult to assess how much progress I was making, or even know where my overall headspace was at the time. Doing these things now make it easier, but it still can be hard to judge what should be considered worthy of being called a "victory." Self-doubt is a brutal adversary for any dream chaser and without some intentional reflection, it can eat anyone alive. Luckily I've been building some momentum and have taken the advice shared last week about finding some Samwise Gamgees to help carry the load when things are feeling shaky.

I have recently joined several community boards and discord groups of like minded people, all with an interest in helping one another. In those groups I managed to find hands on workshops that gave me the opportunity to develop some technical skills with some pretty cool camera equipment, build a deeper knowledge of how to be a better Assistant Camera and finally make more friends with a similar passion to help strengthen mine.

Workshop instructors demonstrating proper lens handling techniques.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I often downplay the progress I make in the pursuit of my goals. Making friends and learning new skills feels like it should be an easy thing for anyone to accomplish, right? I'm realizing that's not true at all. It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to go and meet new people to forge friendships with and an equal if not greater amount of effort and dedication in the pursuit of new skills. Nothing comes easy, but with every step forward we build more momentum to carry us to the next step. So like a very famous tortoise, we must keep on our steady pace, being less concerned with the speed of others or ourselves while keeping track of the progress we make. No matter how small.

Because in the end no victory is too small.

Please join the Local Paragons Community Group page so that we can share with each other where we are in our journeys and help create a top tier community of fellow paragons interested in helping each other, wherever we are.

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